Jay Pedersen

Senior Software Developer


Portland, OR




What I am all about.

Hi! My name is Jay. I am have been in software development / web development professionally for over 10 years. My passion for writing code and creating cool things on the web started in the late 90's in high school.

A lot has changed since then and I have kept up with the latest web technologies. My roles on projects range from architect to engineer and often times I am the one teaching junior and mid-level engineers the architecture and standards for maintenance and future implementations. I approach problem solving in a product-minded way. 1-off solutions are my biggest pet peeve.

Nike, Inc.

  1. Engineer on the SNKRS/Bootroom codebase for Nike, Inc. I worked on both front-end (React/Redux) and backend (Node.js) parts of the application. The application handles millions of pageviews/month in high-heat environments where outages at critical tims can cost the company a lot of money.
  2. Conducted, and participated in "Snack n Share" team meetings to help elevate skills across the team.
  3. Participated in activities around volunteering at local schools to teach coding/logic concepts to kids.

Myers Media Group, LLC

  1. Helped architect and engineer version 3 of our CMS product. The product is a data-driven content management system capable of supporting very large sites (5+ million pages). The product uses PHP and Javascript (es6) heavily.
  2. Architected and engineered a managed file transfer service. It was a critical component to our automated data pipeline project. Used a Swagger API with a node.js backend that integrated with our AWS services.
  3. Worked as an engineer on our Search Intelligence Console. This product has both client-facing and internal functionality and is a React.js and GraphQL project.


A quick list of my core proficiencies.


Javascript has become my language of choice over the past couple years. I beleive that javascript is becoming more and more paramount in application development and have done my best to keep up. I have extensive experience with modern Javascript, React.js, jQuery, and many other libraries like Moment, Mustache, jQuery UI, Underscores, and many more.



PHP has been my bread and butter for years... since php3! I write to the current PSR standards and love object oriented platforms.



I have extensive experience using css preprossesors such as SCSS and LESS. At a previous job, I completed dozens of PSD to WP themes using modern HTML and CSS. We used Gulp and Grunt build tools.



I have experience writing RESTful APIs and microservices using Swagger, Wordpress API, and other PHP development platforms. As a for-fun project I am working on an RESTful api for alcohol data (spirits). The API will have a CakePHP backend and will be open source.



More recenly I have relied heavily on several AWS service like S3, EC2, Glue, Athena for an internal data pipeline project. We use the PHP and JS AWS SDKs as well as the BOTO3 library for Python.



I am well versed in modern development ecosystems and paradigms. I use Vagrant, Docker, gulp, grunt, and other build and CI tools on a daily basis. In addition, I have extensive experience using Git & SVN, Composer, NPM and Yarn.


Yes. I've been around.
6/2018 – Present

Nike, Inc. (Contractor)

Senior Application Engineer

Portland, OR

Currently I am a contractor for Nike, Inc. I am a senior engineer working on the SNKRS/Bootroom codebase. Day to day I work with React/Redux and node.js and am good with navigating complex routing and cdn architectures. I add a unique element to teams and always have a positive impact on team dynamics.

Projects I work on at Nike, Inc.:

5/2015 – Present

Myers Media Group.

Staff Engineer

San Diego, CA

Currently I work with a small group of core engineers and am responsible for creating and improving our core product suite as well as internal BI tools.

Some projects I have been an integral part of are:

3/2013 – 12/2015

Jaybuddy, Inc

Lead Developer/Owner

San Diego, CA

For a almost 3 years, I ran my own development agency. I created custom Wordpress websites and web applications for businesses of all sizes. I specialize in PHP, HTML, CSS/LESS, Javascript. Oversaw development operations as well as server maintenance/management.

Here are some of the projects I did:

7/2011 – 9/2014

Shore Managment, Inc.

Lead Developer

San Diego, CA

For a few years, I was the lead developer for a small property management company. My responsibilities include the development and maintenance of the company website. Which includes a front facing website as well as a management application.


Well, "formal" education anyways...
1999 – 2004

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

BS in Finance, Realestate, Law

Pomona, CA

I was on the 5 year plan. Studied Mechanical Engineering the first 3 years and realized it wasn’t for me. So switched to Finance and finished the curriculum in 2 years. All of my coding is self taught. Started as a hobby and was able to make my passion, my career.